Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Everythings totally linked!!

Just out the back there, mad night, looks like its pure fog in the sky, grounds ok, but about 100ft up it looks as if its really bleak.  About two hours earlier I noticed the sky looked clear but had a dullness about it.  Couldnt make out much of the stars and the moon was a shade gloomy.

Anyway, as usual bit of activity around this time, 02;49 here, sounds like helicopters tonite.  Were pretty low flying but as said earlier it was hard to see.  You could see its light beaming every few seconds, reminded me of a ship lost out at sea in the fog.  Anyway going to link up some UFO material

Turrialba Volcano in costa rica has had recent night time footage of ufos going in and out of the ancient volcano.  Now here is some still pics of it during the day

This volcano lies closely to the lost city of Guaybo.  Home to mysterious past civilisations, heres some info from a few sites;
Ancient stone carvings of alligator and jaguar gods, ingeniously engineered Pre-Columbian aqueducts where water still flows, and paved roads receding into a lush rainforest - all of these things hint to Costa Rica's mysterious past civilizations.
Costa Rica may not be famous for its archaeological history like Guatemala's Tikal or the Incan ruins of Peru, but veiled in the shadow of the Turrialba Volcano - like a mythical "lost city" from a storybook - lies a mysterious ancient city that was home to over 10,000 people who seemed to have mysteriously vanished just before the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century.
This region, known as Guayabo National Monument, is Costa Rica's most important archaeological site and its only
named National Monument.
The excavations at Guayabo have revealed a network of cobblestone causeways and streets, open and closed aqueducts, cisterns, stairways, mounds, petroglyphs, monoliths, tombs, and sculptures that belong to a pre-Columbian city, which was inhabited between 1000 B.C. and 1400 A.D.
For your tour a guide will walk you through the entire park while explaining the findings of the excavations and the history of the people that once lived there. This tour is good for individuals of all ages.

From another source, you can see how their wisdom and architecture could possibly be linked to ancient alien visitors.  Maybe they are coming back, or have never been away.

Heres a link to what their homes would have been based on;

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