Monday, 28 February 2011

Bob Marley Baby

The children always know!!!

Topics To Discuss

Im away to bed, cannae wait!!  Before I go, heres just a quick brainstorm of areas I will like to explore

- The Irish Economic Crisis
- Employment
- The Money System
- History
- The Earth
- The Sun and the universe
- Nature
- NWO and its allies
- Aliens
- Technology
- Politics
- Magic
- Tara
- Irelands Resources
- Weather Patterns
- Ancient Civilizations
- Religion
- Culture
- Media
- Truth and Justice
- Revolution of the Mind
- Genetics
- Human behaviour
- Health
- Society
- Self-sustainment
- Conspiricies
- War

As well as the usual stuff, I may throw up funny and intresting links or information on films, music, football etc

Zeitgest - Moving Forward

This is the third and most recent film of the Zeitgest series.  These are very controversial and are very open to discussions and analysis.  Not all is as it seems, something I will be commenting on in the near future

This film is pretty long, so, enjoy!! 


I will constantly update or change my links.  The same will probably be the same for where I get my information from.  This is for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on all forms of information.  There is alot of disinformation out there as well as double-agents who I belive are trying to keep the Truth Seekers as confused as possible in this very important age.

I will explore as well the main personalities involved deeply in what is going on in the world, what happened in the world and what will happen in the future.  What team do these guys and galls sleep with, who knows but time will show.  People such as Alex Jones, Julian Assange, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Gerry Adams, Michael O'Leary, Peter Sutherland, alaistair Crowley, Sarah Palin, Vladimar Putin etc etc will be looked into

Shell To Sea - Pipe Down

Going to put up some links straight away of some interesting video clips.  Some videos I will put up, I personally wont believe in everything within its contents but I put up for the sole purpose of the topics they explore.  There may also be some videos of interest or fun, but in general I want to put up topics that are very important to discusss (in my opinion of course)

This film is a fantastically made film (award winning) which touches on a very big issue currently going on in Ireland.  It will give you an idea of the general robbing of the Irish people that is being mastered by our politicians and businessmen as well as some unwelcomed outside interests.

Near enough everything in this film is to my eyes 100% accurate and isnt your normal conspiricie nuts, one of the famous campaigners is a much respected ex-School Principal (from my memory)

http://www.shelltosea.com/content/films  (find the vimeo link here)


This is my first ever attempt at blogging.  I believe that this will possibly be of a positive nature to myself and also to any followers.  I dont expect people to agree or believe in everything I write, I do however hope that my writings, links etc do open up your mind to question what your true individual beliefs and thoughts are.

Heres a quick list (from my head), why I've started to blog:

1.  To share information with others
2.  To hear other peoples beliefs and views
3.  To escape traditional Social Networking
4.  As a form of controlling and venting my problems with society
5.  Document my opinions and any information I find of interest
6.  To plan for the future

I'm unsure of this whole format, but if possible, I fully welcome any comments on my site that will lead to discussion or bringing forward relevant information.  If this isnt possible, I'm sure you can email me through this and I will respond back asap