Thursday, 3 March 2011


In general speaking I would associate myself with positive energy rather than negative energy.

When I find myself at times, dragged down by the environment around me and the chaos that life brings to us, I always try and bring positive feelings within myself.  You are your universe, you are the one who guides it.  It is impossible in most cases to bring a persons spirits up when that person has no positive belief or fight in them, it is therefore up to every individual to take control and guide themselves through this random life.  I believe positive energy is a great tool in finding out who you are and what you really want in life.

If you cant love yourself, who else is going to love you.  I try and take stock of my life as much as possible.  It is impossible to be certain of ones future.  Life has a way of keeping us guessing whats next.  Its never good to plan as such, more have an approach in how to deal and learn from experiences.  In past times, after feeling down, it is has been me who has came back fighting.  My friends and family etc help me initially by being there for me, but it is only when I can free myself of any negative dwelling issues that I truely feel I can move on in my life in a positive manner.

Never take for granted who you are and all aspects of positivity in your life, especially close and sacred relationships with others you trust and love.  In times of so called hardship, (which is a disgrace in a way to say, as most of our society are well off and priveleged in comparisons to others on this planet) it is important to take note between the difference of needs and wants.  I havent personally had a foreign holiday for over 3/4 years, I dont miss this at all, its more important for me to build my and my familys future in a positive and secure manner.  Society has bogged us down with the constant need of consumerism and want and greed.  It is up to us to bring positivity to all aspects of life we take for granted .  One I have took for granted is job security and job satisfaction.  I've decided that satisfaction from work is very important to me, so I have to be positive I can the right position soon.

On the note of being positive over nothing, think of our friend below;

Saturdays Alright for Fighting

Ok, as always with my random life.  Something happened this week that gave me more insight in the problems running through society today.  I definetly think that common niceness is falling fast amongst many of society and who blames them when the environment they have been brought up in is full of lies, sin, fakeness, greed and many other ugly sides of mans corrupted brain.

Anyhow, I managed to be attacked by a young male, say around 21, for doing nothing other than managing to win a football match.  What actually riled them up in particular to me, was my ability to talk in a reasonable manner and not be intimitated in my opinion.

To sum it all up, heres my email to be passed on to the league

'To whom it may concern,

This saturday, I along with some of my team-mates received unwelcomed and aggressive behaviour from our opponents that day 'Team 1'.

Before the match it seemed that unfortunately we would have to referee ourselves in  a very important league clash which wasn't ideal, esp 1st vs 2nd.  The referee then appeared and we asked him to take our match.  I was a bit cautious as from the previous weeks match the same referee had a real bad game and I suspected that he wouldnt be able to take control of this type of match espcially as in our last match with this team, they were aggressive at times.

I ended up getting assaulted and threatened within the procedure of the match and after the game.

The first incident of note for myself, came when theyre player 'Player X', caught me late and stamped down on my foot.  As the referee missed this, the game continued.  As I gave out a noise of discomfort, their player came into my face and started saying I was a fruit etc.  I just ignored this and tried to get back into the game.

With about 5 mins to go to half-time, the tight game started to get a bit nasty.  After a few nasty challenges went un-noticed by the referee.  Our player 'Team-mate A', made a strong and very legal interception.  This was a shoulder to shoulder challenge, where no player raised their feet in an illegal manner.  With frustration, their player 'Nickname' ran full sprint at 'A' for 20yds and jumped into the air two footed, aiming for the players knee.  Fortunately, 'A' moved slighly and got caught in the back of his thigh area.  This was a career threatening challenge, one I have never ever seen as bad throughout the past 15 years I have played amateur football.  In the heat of the moment, the referee somehow gave them the free-kick and didnt punish or acknowledge this terrible challenge.

As the referee seemed to lose total control of this match after this.  I thought as a senior member of the team, to have a quiet word with their manager Z.  I said we hadnt came down on a Saturday to get our legs broke and could he try and calm his team down before someone seriously got hurt.  During this time Z didnt say enough of negativity towards me and also agreed the challenge was a straight red.  Some of the sideline then started goading me for being a 'faggot and a fruit' etc and got very abusive and threatening me.  I tried to reason with them with the same reasons about not coming down to be injured which made them more abusive.  The half-time whistle went and as I began to walk over to my team, their captain sprinted over to me and grab me violently by the throat for approximately 10secs. This same captain had raised his arms to me already in the first half. The referee was present and seen this, as I asked the referee did he see this, hoping to get some protection, he just answered I shouldnt have been there.   I never walked off the pitch and as I was walking back to my side, I got attacked, what exactly had I done wrong.

At this stage I told my team that if the match gets anymore out of hand I personally thought we should abandon the game for our safety.  The boys decided to play on  and show the great character and spiriit that our team has always tried to display, I agreed.

Second half got worse, mainly due to the referee having no control.  In a challenge with one of their midfielders, he accidently caught my knee with his leg as I followed through with a kick and his momentum caught my knee.  This was painfull as I have a bad knee but wasnt a foul.  I went to play away and their player X started on me again.  He said ' You yapping again you fucking dick?', as I tried to tell him it was just my knee gets sore, he got into my face and said 'I fucking hate you' before headbutting my top of my mouth area. 

After being rightly sent-off he then stood on the line and made threats to me, saying he was going to kick my head in after the match etc etc.  Not once did I see the referee acknowledge what was going on and note that the player was still present making threats.

After this I still played away but just realised to keep my head down, work hard for the team whilst standing my ground but wary not get involved in any debate incase I got attacked again.  There was a bit of a brawl at one point, but I kept away then came over to take my team-mates away from the area of confrontation.

After the match I was gutted to only draw a game we shouldve won naturally.  I thought as well, that even though it was the dirtiest match I've ever been involved with, that it all would settle down.

Their player, who was now topless, stood directly facing our changing rooms about 5 metres from the door.  As he spots me, he says again about how is going to kick my fuck in etc etc.   I forgetting about everything briefly, answered back briefly ' no your not' and proceeded to walk towards my teams changing room.  He then runs right towards me in a rage, clearly trying to swing punches at me and attack me.  I never moved towards him or away from him, I  just stood my ground.  If I had of went for the player in honesty there was a posssibility of a massive riot.  My actions, from the accounts of others will show you I did nothing to deserve this or in any way make the situation worse.

After a few minutes the player got dragged away.  Never in this whole affair did I receive any acknowledgement or apology from the opponent players or management.

To make matters worse, as I left the changing room, the referee and their manager Z were in a friendly discussion.  I interupted them when I heard the referee say to Z that 'their player', talking about me, went for the player X.  I had to tell them I had nothing to do with it and that was a false statement.  Neither of them argued with this which in my eyes showed that they knew this was the case.

As far as I know there were other witnesses present, one of which may of been Other League Team manager.  He should be able to clarify the last incident at least.

I'm not telling you how to do your work but I will give you my conclusions to this, I'm also a manager of a  League amateur team so know that theres alot of work behind the scenes for a league to be run successfully.

I would seriously consider reviewing the referee maybe through a random inspection.

In terms of the players and management of the oponents I hope you make up for the lack of control displayed by the referee on saturday by making clear that this behaviour is not tolerated and punishment is given were appropriate.  What annoys me, is that there were a number of men of experience with the opponents on Saturday, yet they let them run around, destroying and intimidating others as they please.

If you need any more assisance, please get in contact with me.

Many Thanks'

Will update you's on any progress.

Was in a foul mood on saturday, bad adrenaline pumping through me.  Couldnt go out in the town with partner as planned so thought i'd pop to local for the last 2 pints of the night.  Finishing my first pint, the 50year old next to me grabbed a guy half his age by the face and continued to get fairly torn into the guy.  I dont know what the hell it was over but I had to tell the bar woman and prompt them to kick out the regular who in my eyes gave out the beating, was disgusting seeing some people treating him as the hero as he waited in the bar for his taxi, he shouldve known better and act his age the maggot!!

More happened that night but I'll continue it some over time, haha

And Heres To You Mrs Clinton....

“We are in an information war and we are losing that war,” warned Clinton

America have seemed to decided that their current news strategies and blatent lies means there is a real push for what seems a nationalised state runned New Channel and subsequent TV Channels

What will this money be needed to pump into this industry?  Its blatently propaganda but in what form?

Are America declaring war on news stations it doesnt agree with?  I think this move by clinton will be used to try and manipulate not only the American citizens minds but as many of the worlds inhabitants as they can.  If a NWO was to take place then clearly they will need a centralised TV strategy.  This wont even be just how news is displayed but what mind-numbing shit they will continue to throw at us.  Dont get me started on shit TV haha

Anyway I'll post some links to this news story

Prison Planet

Russia Today  (Looks like a very reliable website and source of good information, i hope!!)

I'll place the video up later, it wont let me add it currently (i'll also note stuff like this, as I do believe that people definetly keep an eye on anyone outside the 'norm')

Blogging Part III

Ok, tonight is a night of planning and anticipation.  The next few weeks/months is critical to me to find a good job which falls in line with my career path, this is a must (just incase the world doesnt collapse anytime soon!!).

Getting back into a pattern is the key.  The Blogging although being very therapeutic has been at times time-consuming although this is something I feel is needed at this present moment.  For the next few weeks I will try and save my posting time to a reasonable hour as my efforts are needed in securing some form of economic security.  I hate being so stuck to this stinking system but needs are a must, more than any form of materialistic wealth can come near too, ever.

Anyhow, back to this blogging business.  I will try and get up at least one post a day and then have some time set to go indepth about certain issues or topics once or twice a week, this is the plan anyhow.  At present I am not too worried about the aspects of the blogging such as style, spelling, grammar etc, this experiment at this stage is solely for me to record and analyse my thoughts and experiences in a more coherent manner.

I will in time like to add functionality and more structure to the site as well as learning how to upload videos and images of mine to the computer.

Its 0300 now so i'll sign off this post and get a few more posts up asap as this will be my last weeknight up I guess for a few weeks.  I do love the night though, so peacefull and relaxing, if I could I would sleep more during the morning/afternoon, but on the flipside if i was a farmer I would love the morning and retire at night in peace.

The Great Coin Scam

On going through the papers on BBC news this evening, he mentioned the royal wedding and the subsequent £5 commemerative coin.

In a very secretive manner the news man whispered 'Sold for £5.99 or £9.99'.

Was this a wee in-joke by him, or was he actually more or less pushing people to buy it.  It was weird, but like a shopping channel.

Anyway went and did a quick search and have now found that Royal Mint are selling these £5 coins for £9.99, yes people £9.99.

What in good names!!! where is this profit going to.  I will hopefully return to the money system very soon but remember creating money can lead onto creating more money that essentially has no real value to it.

The UK government if fucked, wait and see what other tricks they start to pull

Heres the link for the Royal Mint


Heres a wee look at their bakes, look at the evilness of them, they look old as christ!! 

If you longified Williams face a bit he would defo look like a raptor (reptilians even ;)

Irish Politics

This is one of the issues that I feel real passionate about.  I feel that people of Ireland have an ideal scenario to change the country for the good of the people.
Being a soverign nation requires that the good of the people come first.  Even though I'm from the North I feel disgusted at the betrayal of the Irish people in recent history.  From giving away our oil and gas for free to profit making multinationals to the destruction and mistreatment of the Tara area.  Ireland has now lowered itself amongst some of the msot corrupt governments about.  Only the Irish peopl can truly rectify this problem.

The recent elections outside of the usual candidates (FG/FF) shows that there is an increase in left parties and independents, something I would encourage, if for anything other than addressing the imbalance between the interest of business and the interest of people

Ireland has to become self-sufficient, it has the best chance amongst many nations to do this in an age were this may be vital (economic and political environment) .  Heres some ideas on what could be done
- Declare debt as void to IMF
- Take back our natural resources (oil, gas)
- Explore mining i.e. Gold, Zinc, Silver etc
- Encourage and provide more farming
- Take back our fisheries from the EU
- Walk out of EU and seriously analyse our monetary system
- Use natural resources to heat our homes (Norway do this afaik)
- Sell natural resources to provide for the people
- Get rid of multi-nationals i.e. Citigroup and Ferrovial etc)

Anyhow heres a political message from the king of pop himself

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Why are cars not my friend?  Was it because I wasnt a big fan of them as a kid and in fact probably ended up playing more Barbie than cars lol.  Or is it because I thought my Corsa was a Clio for the first few months.  Its pretty obvious, that cars are a form of transport that I neglect and dont fully understand.

The car to me is a mode of transport, I dont see it as a badge of success or a way to get the babes, haha, you should see the two cars I currently have at my disposal.

My first car, has recently broke down at xmas.  Due to the fact, the car will be very expensive to fix I bought myself a wee banger.  The 'wee thing' has been doing a grand job for the small price that was paid.

When getting the car restarted earlier, my mate noticed as I drove off that my back tyre was flat.  After inspection, the wheel looked properly fucked.  Why me?  Why now?  It seems that this has either happened a few days ago whilst im driving and havent noticed or else someone has attacked it personally.  I will hope to find out more tomorow when i get a new tyre.  Actually, looking back its my fault.  Ah well, no injuries done just need to throw some money paper away again, ah gee!!

Either way the paranoia has reason to be here.  My old car, which isnt being used had previously been attacked.  The back of the car is dented, whee someone put a boot through it and the side-mirror was pulled off.

I wish transport was much easier.  Not a bad idea in Zeitgest, where cars are magnet-based, so no accidents can happen as cars couldnt get close enough to each other.  Then again 'wastefull technologies' seem to be the main aim of todays society and business


Mister Magoo here, must of left his lights on this morning and his 'new' banger wont start.  Mate on route to help me start it up with jump leads, will be a disaster I guess!!

Dont think he'll be any more clued on than me.  Have to get the fiance and child in an hour, as well as already missing my after schools football club.

Not the only disaster, spotted a few jobs I thought I could apply for, got all worked up trying to organise how to gt it done in time then realised you defo need a qualification that I dont have.  Did some research on how to get th qualification, so thats a step at least.  One stp forward, three steps back!!

On positive note, Director of company I got on their shortlist is contacting me soon for some vital feedback


My Mum - The truth Seeker

Ever since I got into conspiricies full-scale after 9/11 and especially the recent Lebanon war (around 2004??) I have given my opinions to anyone that would listen.  This would have me being labelled mad by some, crazy by others and in the best situations create a great indepth discussion on what is happening.

The two main people I kept this away from would probably have been the parents.  Dont know properly why but I guess it was to keep them from thinking I was a complete nutjob, but I guess I've been completely wrong with that.

I've always been a very rebellious and often reckless young teenager/young adult.  Through life experiences I think I'm soo much more aware and responsive to the environments and relationships around me.   In this much appreciated maturity I guess I find myself more at ease at just being myself around everyone including my parents, as they will always support and love me.

OK, moving away from my topic, which will often happen when reading my rants and ramblings.  Ive for the past 5 months helped setup along with some senior members of my parish, a group to help people with Special needs integrate and feel part of the churches community.  I will elaborate on this in the future as well as my reasoning to being a part-time christian haha.

Anyhow, the group includes my mum and one of my best friends set of parents.  It is a great experience for me and brings satisfaction not just to the users but also the volunteers.
Each week we will be read a story/parable, then take turns to give our own personal spin on this.  As with before, instead of going personal me and the mother went a bit political this week haha, she started it, which was even better.

The parable give rise to the question of when and where have you seen hope or promise?

My mum went off on one, about the hope she sees in the civilians throughout the middle east etc at present.  She then turned it around and said that this hope could be overshadowed by the workings that go on behind everyones back.  She highlited the fact of Cameron going to Egypt with a convey from the weapons industry.  I felt shocked and proud that my mum had made me realise of a conspiricy that I hadnt noticed

hahahaaha, just realised, the special friends come every two weeks so this wasnt a conversation in their presence ( which I feel isnt wrong but just incase anyone gets the wrong impression of us!!)

My part went on about the hope of the Irish people,  the election results didnt go the way I would like, but at least theres hope with a good number of left partys and independents being elected.  Something that was agreed on by the rest of the group. 

Anyhow, heres some information on what my mum highlighted

Indian Express Article

Daily Mail Article