Thursday, 3 March 2011

Irish Politics

This is one of the issues that I feel real passionate about.  I feel that people of Ireland have an ideal scenario to change the country for the good of the people.
Being a soverign nation requires that the good of the people come first.  Even though I'm from the North I feel disgusted at the betrayal of the Irish people in recent history.  From giving away our oil and gas for free to profit making multinationals to the destruction and mistreatment of the Tara area.  Ireland has now lowered itself amongst some of the msot corrupt governments about.  Only the Irish peopl can truly rectify this problem.

The recent elections outside of the usual candidates (FG/FF) shows that there is an increase in left parties and independents, something I would encourage, if for anything other than addressing the imbalance between the interest of business and the interest of people

Ireland has to become self-sufficient, it has the best chance amongst many nations to do this in an age were this may be vital (economic and political environment) .  Heres some ideas on what could be done
- Declare debt as void to IMF
- Take back our natural resources (oil, gas)
- Explore mining i.e. Gold, Zinc, Silver etc
- Encourage and provide more farming
- Take back our fisheries from the EU
- Walk out of EU and seriously analyse our monetary system
- Use natural resources to heat our homes (Norway do this afaik)
- Sell natural resources to provide for the people
- Get rid of multi-nationals i.e. Citigroup and Ferrovial etc)

Anyhow heres a political message from the king of pop himself

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