Thursday, 3 March 2011

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Why are cars not my friend?  Was it because I wasnt a big fan of them as a kid and in fact probably ended up playing more Barbie than cars lol.  Or is it because I thought my Corsa was a Clio for the first few months.  Its pretty obvious, that cars are a form of transport that I neglect and dont fully understand.

The car to me is a mode of transport, I dont see it as a badge of success or a way to get the babes, haha, you should see the two cars I currently have at my disposal.

My first car, has recently broke down at xmas.  Due to the fact, the car will be very expensive to fix I bought myself a wee banger.  The 'wee thing' has been doing a grand job for the small price that was paid.

When getting the car restarted earlier, my mate noticed as I drove off that my back tyre was flat.  After inspection, the wheel looked properly fucked.  Why me?  Why now?  It seems that this has either happened a few days ago whilst im driving and havent noticed or else someone has attacked it personally.  I will hope to find out more tomorow when i get a new tyre.  Actually, looking back its my fault.  Ah well, no injuries done just need to throw some money paper away again, ah gee!!

Either way the paranoia has reason to be here.  My old car, which isnt being used had previously been attacked.  The back of the car is dented, whee someone put a boot through it and the side-mirror was pulled off.

I wish transport was much easier.  Not a bad idea in Zeitgest, where cars are magnet-based, so no accidents can happen as cars couldnt get close enough to each other.  Then again 'wastefull technologies' seem to be the main aim of todays society and business

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