Thursday, 3 March 2011


In general speaking I would associate myself with positive energy rather than negative energy.

When I find myself at times, dragged down by the environment around me and the chaos that life brings to us, I always try and bring positive feelings within myself.  You are your universe, you are the one who guides it.  It is impossible in most cases to bring a persons spirits up when that person has no positive belief or fight in them, it is therefore up to every individual to take control and guide themselves through this random life.  I believe positive energy is a great tool in finding out who you are and what you really want in life.

If you cant love yourself, who else is going to love you.  I try and take stock of my life as much as possible.  It is impossible to be certain of ones future.  Life has a way of keeping us guessing whats next.  Its never good to plan as such, more have an approach in how to deal and learn from experiences.  In past times, after feeling down, it is has been me who has came back fighting.  My friends and family etc help me initially by being there for me, but it is only when I can free myself of any negative dwelling issues that I truely feel I can move on in my life in a positive manner.

Never take for granted who you are and all aspects of positivity in your life, especially close and sacred relationships with others you trust and love.  In times of so called hardship, (which is a disgrace in a way to say, as most of our society are well off and priveleged in comparisons to others on this planet) it is important to take note between the difference of needs and wants.  I havent personally had a foreign holiday for over 3/4 years, I dont miss this at all, its more important for me to build my and my familys future in a positive and secure manner.  Society has bogged us down with the constant need of consumerism and want and greed.  It is up to us to bring positivity to all aspects of life we take for granted .  One I have took for granted is job security and job satisfaction.  I've decided that satisfaction from work is very important to me, so I have to be positive I can the right position soon.

On the note of being positive over nothing, think of our friend below;

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