Friday, 4 March 2011

Elbow New Album

Every so often I'll put a post up regarding any decent cultural events, new music, good films, good tv etc etc

One of my favourite recent bands are the majestic Elbow.  I first got into elbow at the start of my uni career and they have remained very close to me ever since.

My friend would of played them perfectly at the end of a heavy night of boozing as we all got into our relaxed zone and talked complete cod-shit to each other.   One of the best songs from my early uni era was newborn but the one that gives me the best feeling is 'Asleep in the back'

After a particular heavy night on the town I awoke to my alarm, which in my memory was a moment of in-genious awarded to myself.  I had an alarm you could record messages.

Instead of 'All you had to ask didnt you, All you had to ask didnt you, all you had to know'

I san in an angelic and whisper like voice 'All you had was steak and chips, All you had was steak and chips, its all you know', this followed on the alarm by a crazy laugh.   I have no recolition of this, but the memory of getting the words wrong and just sounding so peaceful and happy with myself is a memory of greatness.

Anyway after purchasing a number of their albums I think their third album leaders of the three world was the one that really grasped me at their classness and brilliance.  This album had a great and simple theme, one slow song followed by a big powerfull uplifitng song.

I have so many great songs on this album, but station approach probably has the most meaning to me;

Great video and some fantastic lines.  'I havent been myself of late, i havent slept for several days' etc etc

Oh, and with this album came a fantastic dvd.  These guys are perfect especially as just being complete top blokes.  What were they messing about with in one of the clips on the dvd, you guess it, the exact same alarm clock i had.

I've seen these guys twice.  Once at Electric Picnic and then front row at Grand Opera house with my partner and bestfriend and his partner.   Full orchestra, bloody brilliant!!!

Anyway, the new album is getting great reviws and I hope to report back once I get a chance to listen to it

Heres the guardians review

Havent heard this fully but I trust them that this will be good as always, heres clips from the new album

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