Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stupid Attitude

As usual, the signs of the times are showing the believers and seekers to break further away from the norm of society.  From all ranges of issues, smart people are now starting to re-evaluate exactly what is happening right in front of us.  Im glad that now some people are becoming more aware and accouuntable of society and themselves.

It is no surprise however of the arrogance  and manner that people who arent affected cannot see that the possibility is looming were more naural disasters will occur in a bigger variety of locations

One thing I think may coincide with the so called theory of 2012 is a flooding scenario.  This event will be throughout the world and will be a massive event.  I think there is records of a similiar flood which may coincide with the floods and Noah in the bible.  Anyway, one scenario which may cause a super-tsunami is the fact that the iisland la palma may erupt and cause a mssive landslide which would create a massive tsunami hitting america first.  We in Ireland and elsewhere need to be aware of this threat

HEres a bbc link to a documentary on this

this may be the documentary, will check this out soon

But huge landslides and the mega-tsunami that they cause are extremely rare - the last one happened 4,000 years ago on the island of RĂ©union. The growing concern is that the ideal conditions for just such a landslide - and consequent mega-tsunami - now exist on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. In 1949 the southern volcano on the island erupted. During the eruption an enormous crack appeared across one side of the volcano, as the western half slipped a few metres towards the Atlantic before stopping in its tracks. Although the volcano presents no danger while it is quiescent, scientists believe the western flank will give way completely during some future eruption on the summit of the volcano. In other words, any time in the next few thousand years a huge section of southern La Palma, weighing 500 thousand million tonnes, will fall into the Atlantic ocean.
What will happen when the volcano on La Palma collapses? Scientists predict that it will generate a wave that will be almost inconceivably destructive, far bigger than anything ever witnessed in modern times. It will surge across the entire Atlantic in a matter of hours, engulfing the whole US east coast, sweeping away everything in its path up to 20km inland. Boston would be hit first, followed by New York, then all the way down the coast to Miami and the Caribbean.

Scary Cartoons

The one thing you dont really associate with cartoons are horror and scare.  Comedy, relationships and moral stories are the norm.  From my knowledge there arent any horror cartoon films and any form of scary cartoons such as tim burtons nightmare before christmas are more like dark fantasy.

There are some underlying themes carried out throughout cartoons.  Anti-drug stories etc but its very interesting to note than even Walt Disney films have been known to carry dark meanings in their films.

Anyhow was remembering an old clip i seen of a freaky story involving an alien type creature who claimed to be an angel called Satan. Anyway check this out

Thinking about old cartoons, children programmes, there was one character than strangely freaked me out more than others.  This was a wee freaky hoover type flying creature called wordy. This is from a childrens bbc learning programee look and read

Maybe this why Ive always had a problem with doing vacumming, maybe even housework, damn you wordy.
Theres probably two reasons I dont like wordy
1.  This definitely happened, i was playing in a friends house when i was around 5.  I climbed into a cupboard which rang along their wall, that is, it was almost part of the wall and was very small and narrow, bit like an air vent.  I got locked in there, by accident probably not, and apart from the pitch black i could see wordy, it was one of those stupid hoovers but i remember imagining he was actually floating.
2.  Same thing possibly happened in my own house.  I will confirm this with my older siblings, who have mentioned this incident before.  We had a babysitter when i was around 4 and i think she locked me in the cupboard for misbehaving before.  The same woman force fed us banana sarnies, i didnt mind probably as I like them but dont think the others were too keen.  Anyway think wordy was in ours too.  My parents are fantastic by the way and this was probably the only fluke incident were someone has been a bit weird towards my bros and sisters probably that wasnt noticed.  From memory the woman also looked like the queen in the return to Oz with all the heads, scary looking thing she was


Where to start.  Firstly lets hope that the possible nucleur fallout doesnt happen.  Seen an expert mention how the explosion was similiar to chernobyle.  Dont know how much truth was in this, but my gut instinct is that this is being underplayed by media currently, for what reasons who knows.

Hopefully Japan can build itself back up asap for its civilians directly hit by this disaster.  I would like to think this would start getting governments and organisations thinking about how to limit the damage to be done by any future natural disasters.

It seems to me that this is directly linked to the activity in the sun.  All life and matter to me is directly or indirectly associated with the sun.  Without sun, life and light you have darkness and death.
Even our planet is controlled by the sun.  I'm no science expert, correct me if im totally wrong, but the earths core and energy I would guess would eventually burn out and be extint if the suns energy wasnt constantly keeping it flowing.  These solar flares and heatwaves travel to the earth and must have a part in the cycle of the earth and the universe.  All matter in the universe is connected in my eyes, its ignorant to believe that we as a race and as a planet are unique and special.  Its time we start realising that shit is hitting the fan.

Before I fry heads too much in other blogs.  I would like to imagine the earth as a chocolate egg and the sun as a oven.  If you keep the oven at a constant temp the egg will remain in its shape and hopefully not become too imbalanced.  A change in temp would make the structure of the egg change.
If the change of temp was cooler, then the surface and structure of the egg would become harder and stronger.  If however the heat from the oven was warmer, then the surface of the egg would start to become loose.
The same to me is happening with the sun, this extra energy and heat travelling to the earth as the sun enters its stormiest cycle is clearly linked to the structure of the earth including the tectonics plate

heres a link to a good interview with a nucleur plant designer