Sunday, 13 March 2011

Scary Cartoons

The one thing you dont really associate with cartoons are horror and scare.  Comedy, relationships and moral stories are the norm.  From my knowledge there arent any horror cartoon films and any form of scary cartoons such as tim burtons nightmare before christmas are more like dark fantasy.

There are some underlying themes carried out throughout cartoons.  Anti-drug stories etc but its very interesting to note than even Walt Disney films have been known to carry dark meanings in their films.

Anyhow was remembering an old clip i seen of a freaky story involving an alien type creature who claimed to be an angel called Satan. Anyway check this out

Thinking about old cartoons, children programmes, there was one character than strangely freaked me out more than others.  This was a wee freaky hoover type flying creature called wordy. This is from a childrens bbc learning programee look and read

Maybe this why Ive always had a problem with doing vacumming, maybe even housework, damn you wordy.
Theres probably two reasons I dont like wordy
1.  This definitely happened, i was playing in a friends house when i was around 5.  I climbed into a cupboard which rang along their wall, that is, it was almost part of the wall and was very small and narrow, bit like an air vent.  I got locked in there, by accident probably not, and apart from the pitch black i could see wordy, it was one of those stupid hoovers but i remember imagining he was actually floating.
2.  Same thing possibly happened in my own house.  I will confirm this with my older siblings, who have mentioned this incident before.  We had a babysitter when i was around 4 and i think she locked me in the cupboard for misbehaving before.  The same woman force fed us banana sarnies, i didnt mind probably as I like them but dont think the others were too keen.  Anyway think wordy was in ours too.  My parents are fantastic by the way and this was probably the only fluke incident were someone has been a bit weird towards my bros and sisters probably that wasnt noticed.  From memory the woman also looked like the queen in the return to Oz with all the heads, scary looking thing she was

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