Thursday, 3 March 2011


Mister Magoo here, must of left his lights on this morning and his 'new' banger wont start.  Mate on route to help me start it up with jump leads, will be a disaster I guess!!

Dont think he'll be any more clued on than me.  Have to get the fiance and child in an hour, as well as already missing my after schools football club.

Not the only disaster, spotted a few jobs I thought I could apply for, got all worked up trying to organise how to gt it done in time then realised you defo need a qualification that I dont have.  Did some research on how to get th qualification, so thats a step at least.  One stp forward, three steps back!!

On positive note, Director of company I got on their shortlist is contacting me soon for some vital feedback


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  1. On a positive note, the bangers still going and I was shown to be wrong in assuming that my friend wouldnt have been able to fix the car.
    A lesson learnt was made and noted