Thursday, 3 March 2011

Blogging Part III

Ok, tonight is a night of planning and anticipation.  The next few weeks/months is critical to me to find a good job which falls in line with my career path, this is a must (just incase the world doesnt collapse anytime soon!!).

Getting back into a pattern is the key.  The Blogging although being very therapeutic has been at times time-consuming although this is something I feel is needed at this present moment.  For the next few weeks I will try and save my posting time to a reasonable hour as my efforts are needed in securing some form of economic security.  I hate being so stuck to this stinking system but needs are a must, more than any form of materialistic wealth can come near too, ever.

Anyhow, back to this blogging business.  I will try and get up at least one post a day and then have some time set to go indepth about certain issues or topics once or twice a week, this is the plan anyhow.  At present I am not too worried about the aspects of the blogging such as style, spelling, grammar etc, this experiment at this stage is solely for me to record and analyse my thoughts and experiences in a more coherent manner.

I will in time like to add functionality and more structure to the site as well as learning how to upload videos and images of mine to the computer.

Its 0300 now so i'll sign off this post and get a few more posts up asap as this will be my last weeknight up I guess for a few weeks.  I do love the night though, so peacefull and relaxing, if I could I would sleep more during the morning/afternoon, but on the flipside if i was a farmer I would love the morning and retire at night in peace.

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