Thursday, 3 March 2011

And Heres To You Mrs Clinton....

“We are in an information war and we are losing that war,” warned Clinton

America have seemed to decided that their current news strategies and blatent lies means there is a real push for what seems a nationalised state runned New Channel and subsequent TV Channels

What will this money be needed to pump into this industry?  Its blatently propaganda but in what form?

Are America declaring war on news stations it doesnt agree with?  I think this move by clinton will be used to try and manipulate not only the American citizens minds but as many of the worlds inhabitants as they can.  If a NWO was to take place then clearly they will need a centralised TV strategy.  This wont even be just how news is displayed but what mind-numbing shit they will continue to throw at us.  Dont get me started on shit TV haha

Anyway I'll post some links to this news story

Prison Planet

Russia Today  (Looks like a very reliable website and source of good information, i hope!!)

I'll place the video up later, it wont let me add it currently (i'll also note stuff like this, as I do believe that people definetly keep an eye on anyone outside the 'norm')

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