Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Great Coin Scam

On going through the papers on BBC news this evening, he mentioned the royal wedding and the subsequent £5 commemerative coin.

In a very secretive manner the news man whispered 'Sold for £5.99 or £9.99'.

Was this a wee in-joke by him, or was he actually more or less pushing people to buy it.  It was weird, but like a shopping channel.

Anyway went and did a quick search and have now found that Royal Mint are selling these £5 coins for £9.99, yes people £9.99.

What in good names!!! where is this profit going to.  I will hopefully return to the money system very soon but remember creating money can lead onto creating more money that essentially has no real value to it.

The UK government if fucked, wait and see what other tricks they start to pull

Heres the link for the Royal Mint

Heres a wee look at their bakes, look at the evilness of them, they look old as christ!! 

If you longified Williams face a bit he would defo look like a raptor (reptilians even ;)

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