Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Mum - The truth Seeker

Ever since I got into conspiricies full-scale after 9/11 and especially the recent Lebanon war (around 2004??) I have given my opinions to anyone that would listen.  This would have me being labelled mad by some, crazy by others and in the best situations create a great indepth discussion on what is happening.

The two main people I kept this away from would probably have been the parents.  Dont know properly why but I guess it was to keep them from thinking I was a complete nutjob, but I guess I've been completely wrong with that.

I've always been a very rebellious and often reckless young teenager/young adult.  Through life experiences I think I'm soo much more aware and responsive to the environments and relationships around me.   In this much appreciated maturity I guess I find myself more at ease at just being myself around everyone including my parents, as they will always support and love me.

OK, moving away from my topic, which will often happen when reading my rants and ramblings.  Ive for the past 5 months helped setup along with some senior members of my parish, a group to help people with Special needs integrate and feel part of the churches community.  I will elaborate on this in the future as well as my reasoning to being a part-time christian haha.

Anyhow, the group includes my mum and one of my best friends set of parents.  It is a great experience for me and brings satisfaction not just to the users but also the volunteers.
Each week we will be read a story/parable, then take turns to give our own personal spin on this.  As with before, instead of going personal me and the mother went a bit political this week haha, she started it, which was even better.

The parable give rise to the question of when and where have you seen hope or promise?

My mum went off on one, about the hope she sees in the civilians throughout the middle east etc at present.  She then turned it around and said that this hope could be overshadowed by the workings that go on behind everyones back.  She highlited the fact of Cameron going to Egypt with a convey from the weapons industry.  I felt shocked and proud that my mum had made me realise of a conspiricy that I hadnt noticed

hahahaaha, just realised, the special friends come every two weeks so this wasnt a conversation in their presence ( which I feel isnt wrong but just incase anyone gets the wrong impression of us!!)

My part went on about the hope of the Irish people,  the election results didnt go the way I would like, but at least theres hope with a good number of left partys and independents being elected.  Something that was agreed on by the rest of the group. 

Anyhow, heres some information on what my mum highlighted

Indian Express Article

Daily Mail Article

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