Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Charlie Sheen vs Gaddafi

These two are truly giving a great battle in the old past-time of EGO's.  Surely both men should put the hands up and admit ceasefire, but hell will freeze before they shut their mouths and put down the armalite!!

Auld Charlie is sum pup though, fair play to him I say.  He's properly clued on in the best sense, then completely mad in the best sense also.  Who says a party animal dont know shit.  In fact parties and casual chats are one of the best forms of formulating thought and discussion with humans. 

The state of Gadaffi is clearly of a mad drugged up Drug Baron.  The guy has looked ridiculous in recent clips, clearly sniffing something strong!!

Anyhow, due to society today, these boys to me are battling for air-time and coverage.  Something we have to have to look at in a holistic manner.

This link blow is a great game to guess what quotes from the big guys belong to whom, I scored 9/10

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