Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Jobby Job

Without going into too many details, last february I left a job of 2.5years due to a number of reasons.  I have now been in between jobs and a new career path for over a year now.  I now have my eyes set on a new specific career in a care role that will bring great job satisfaction for myself and those around me.

I mainly worked in the IT sector and crossed over to online business for my last longterm position.

I have had many knocks recently but I am determined to succeed in my chosen field of work in the future.  This has proven to be very hard.  Yesterday, I got rejected after giving probably my best ever interview for a job I was extremely passionate for.  I guess due to having roughly 6 months experince in the industry may be my downfall. 

The letter did say ..but the panel were very impressed with your interview... - so I'm on their waiting list.  Which I suppose aint bad for my first interview since April and in this specific industry.

Back to the drawing board and fortunately there are some similiar positions coming up I can apply for, so onwards and upwards folks

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