Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Blogging Part II

Ok, only a few days into this new experiment of mine.  So far, I'm enjoying the whole process of putting up a collection of my thoughts and recording my stance and belief on certain topics.  This is extra good as I'm more or less detaching myself from my up-to-now online presence.  I only really use a local music/information forum and also facebook and in the past bebo.

In terms of productivity and enlightenment of such, this wont be fulfilled until I really learn how to use this blog and associate myself with others in the right manner.

In a contradiction, I have decided I will publish some small areas of my 'living' life such as struggles for satisfactory employment, importance of family, how I live my life to a satisfactory level etc etc.  It is however my main aim to populate a blog with relevant and important information that will hopefully bring people into discussion and appropriate conclusions.

As of this moment, in the near future I need to really get full-time employment, I'm currently employed on a temp basis which has very recently dried up.  I also need to start planning to get married and deal with other aspects of my life (housework!!) which need to be sharpened up.  Ive got a great support network around me, from my partner, friends, parents, step-son and siblings, this has given me strength over the past year or so, something that drives me on to better myself and also better the future of life.

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