Monday, 28 February 2011


I will constantly update or change my links.  The same will probably be the same for where I get my information from.  This is for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on all forms of information.  There is alot of disinformation out there as well as double-agents who I belive are trying to keep the Truth Seekers as confused as possible in this very important age.

I will explore as well the main personalities involved deeply in what is going on in the world, what happened in the world and what will happen in the future.  What team do these guys and galls sleep with, who knows but time will show.  People such as Alex Jones, Julian Assange, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Gerry Adams, Michael O'Leary, Peter Sutherland, alaistair Crowley, Sarah Palin, Vladimar Putin etc etc will be looked into

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