Monday, 28 February 2011


This is my first ever attempt at blogging.  I believe that this will possibly be of a positive nature to myself and also to any followers.  I dont expect people to agree or believe in everything I write, I do however hope that my writings, links etc do open up your mind to question what your true individual beliefs and thoughts are.

Heres a quick list (from my head), why I've started to blog:

1.  To share information with others
2.  To hear other peoples beliefs and views
3.  To escape traditional Social Networking
4.  As a form of controlling and venting my problems with society
5.  Document my opinions and any information I find of interest
6.  To plan for the future

I'm unsure of this whole format, but if possible, I fully welcome any comments on my site that will lead to discussion or bringing forward relevant information.  If this isnt possible, I'm sure you can email me through this and I will respond back asap

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