Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St. PAtricks

Fuck St.Patrick, God loves Ireland

Heres some quality Irish music from Kila

Will have a wee discussion on our blessed St.PAtricks day celebrations in next few days.  Im having a carryout delaying going out as I can drink as I wnat and choose the tunes to play.  Goin to join the friends and masses very soon but solo reflection is needed sometimes, over a few tins of guiness I may add.

This band are superb please look into them and go see them LIVE if you ever have a chance,  I'll tell you my own personal accounts of them very soon, from lying on their stage at EP to getting involved in the whole Tara issue.

Anyhow happy St.Patricks folks
Lets rekindle the Irish fire and spirit within us
God save Ireland

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