Tuesday, 15 March 2011

California Dreaming???

Surfs up dudes!! well lets just hope that some of the reports regarding more activity in the earths crust is not as accurate as some say.  Either way, I would reccomend when anyone is thinking of travelling abroad do some research and start asking a few qusetions.  California seems the next big one that could hit soon.

Unfortunately my own parents are travelling to Tenerife in the next week, one of the links regarding La Palms has made me a bit cautious but its no way to live, thinking of the worse.  Anyhow, anything strange occurs I've warned my Dad to ring me. 

Came across a great link on the Fox news channel of all places regarding a potential earthquake, ill try and find the youtube link


Cudnt get the same video as in the link but this one also points towards this, although the fox news interviewee seemed more clued on

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