Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Silly Season


Fair enough, I've fairly been firing out rants, doom and gloom the past few days, weeks or even years no matter how well you know me.

Decided to check my old videos posted up in social netwworking sites.

Going to fire all the good links in my eyes, starting with  some absolute ridiculous footage

Pure Belfast mate!! You wee bin hoker!!

Local footy manager, hard man or what!!

Went on a holiday to Ibiza with this moonbeam!!

Fantastic video of the town of my childhood

The crazy Irish !!!

Happy st,.pats to y'all!!

Unfortunately some dont pop up in the video option tool within this blogging application.

I will put up some comedy and music in the next few days from the same source.  Give you a wee insight into my head from 4/5 years back

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