Thursday, 10 March 2011

80s Music

OK so I may be biased, I'm of course a child of 80s, bein born in 1983.  But theres no doubt that this has to be the best decade of music by a mile.

I've been listening to Absolute 80s the past few nights whilst working and its been great.  In my opinion over 90% of songs played are good, while around 40% are classics in my eyes.  There is such a good variety of fantastics songs.
Hits from 80s are far better than any current shite. Compare a Killers hit for example with the eye of the tiger, simply no contest

Some songs have ties to memories of me as a child but then again recently i have memories from 80s hits.  From my first tape 'Walk like an Egyptian' to sitting in a balcony daytime in ibiza intoxicated from the 2-day bender before, dancing for all to see to 'I'm still standing' by Elton John.  Theres something uninfluenced, happy and original about 80s music.  Chart music these days is absolute garbage.

Anyway, going to link a few 80s hits that come straight to my head

OK apologies if these songs dont originate from the 80s

Link up any favourite 80s hits you like below.  I think I may link up favourite songs of mine from time to time as well, why not!!

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