Thursday, 10 March 2011

Oil War

Have no time tonight to fully go into areas surrounding the ongoing war on resources especially oil.

Easy to see, that the recent uprisings throughout the world are being used to fill the big-boys pockets even further the greedy fucks.   As the ever impeding doomday scenario creeps up into our minds, the big-boys have their plans and targets set out and its clear that nothing will stop them it seems.

IT IS IN THEIR INTEREST that the populations throughout the world are focused on areas such as Freedom, Finance and Democracy and in our own greedy cases what are we missing out in of our Wants never mind the Needs of the worlds population.  There are bigger plans being carried out currently we have no clue about, the next two years are massive in terms of discovering what on Earth is happening.

Anyhow heres a very decent article on how obama is preparign US-NATO on their real aims in regard to Libya

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