Monday, 14 March 2011

Good TV

OK, most TV is complete shite and helps the powers to be have control and sway over your minds.  Advertisign and Marketing, two bullshit concepts and TV are a match made in heaven.

I do enjoy the shite, only because it makes me feel like a real person who has some decency.  Tool Academy, Peter & Katie, Get me out of here you name it I usually watch it.  Saying that my TV intake is down dramitacally

I do however have a few programmes I week I try and defo see.  There seems to be quite a good documentary style films out recently which i have found very interesting

Wonders of the Universe
Brian Cox gives a brilliant insight into the magic that is life and the universe.  touches on some great topics I will hopefully explore in the future.

Civilisation:  Is the West History?
One of the best modern historians and speakers in my eyes.  An extremely smart guy who I suspect of being in the know and being very close to the inner circles of some of the shadow organisations that are in total control.  I will hopefully comment more on this guy soon.  Another great documentary touching on the shift of power between east and west throughout history

Human Planet
From the makers of the breathtaking Planet Earth comes a great new series narrated perfectly by John Hurt.
This is a source of valuable information.  It shows how all forms of survival is possible in the most dangerous and volatile places on the planet.  The making of igloos was one I would like to learn more about, serious possibility of an Ice-Age in our childrens lifetime if not ours

Story of Ireland
Another good BBC documentary.  Was a bit dissapointed that they initially didnt study further back but in all this has been a very imformative programme and still gives me the feeling that the English helped fuck up ths once great nation

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