Monday, 14 March 2011

Japan - The rising sun!!!

Just came across a fantastic bit of evidence/research in regard to the natural disasters currently unfolding.  its a prediction of volcanoes/earthquakes from the 17th Feb that predicted the Japan and NZ earthquakes.  Scary biscuits,he links this all to the solar flares etc from the suns recent activity.

He predicts a earthquake near california and also mentions La Palma.  Lets hope he got these last two wrong. If any shit happens in the La Palma volcano, the biggest tsunami known to man will be created, wiping out most of Americas west coast, we will be in trouble too.  I will attempt to find some more info on la palma and try and prepare myself and my network of friends and family to be prepared for this.  The seas will be crazy if La Palm volcanoe activates and partially falls into the sea as scientifically predicted.  Head away from the coast is my best advice currently.

This impeding problem in Japan and its nucleur rection will have a big affect on the oil demand amogst many others.

"No, it will increase demand because with the nuclear power plants being closed down or damaged or under duress, Japan will have to import more oil, everybody in the world will now look at their nuclear power plants again and probably have more demand for oil and natural gas. Japan is now going to rebuild, that is going to cause big increases in demand for copper and other things. Japan wasn't building very much in the past 10-15 years, now there is going to be a big jump in the demand for building materials in Japan." - in Economic Times

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  1. Just realised I talked about the La Palma problem yesterday and now I find out in the video earlier that activity may happen there

    Thinks arent going to get easier my friends. Now is the time for PLANNING, forget peace and protest, its a dog eat dog world it seems so look out for those who you love and prepare