Monday, 14 March 2011

News Coverage

Just a wee quick note on the coverage between BBC and Sky News.  For all its ugly spots and warts Ive got to say Ive preferred Skys coverage of recent events in comparison to BBC.  Maybe there is a reason why BBC seem to be very slow in picking up storys, maybe their waiting for clarification from Japanese authorities before it goes, maybe im just constantly paranoid, who knows.

Anyway one thing about the Sky News which I suppose is an insight into the psyche of our society.  They totally dramtise events through pictures then display something like

Japan Disaster

On phone, internet and TV


I'll try and find the link, i understand it in a way yet i find it a bit immoral, as if their advertising themselves on the back of disaster

cant find the link but youll notice it when you see it, big dark music etc.  Heres an example of their stupidness

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