Monday, 9 May 2011

The children are the future!!

I'm no perfect human being, its very hard to find one, we all have our faults and traits.  I have tried especially in recent times to become a better person to myself and to those around me. 

There is one value and principal of mine (and I hope of many others), were I will strive to protect and give example to the children and young people throughout the world and in my life.   My family have always had love for children and it is up to us to continue and allow them to stay children and protect them from the evils of the world.

It is no surprise at this terrible time in history, that children throughout the world are the innocent victims of this demonic state we reside in.  From being bombed, forced into war, slavery and sex, to the systematic abuse both mentally, sexually and emotionally, it is a disgrace that this is continuing and from recent examples increasing.

The recent coverup by the BBC of the Hollie Gregg case, shows not only are paedophiles strife in the men whom hold unlawful power and control over us, but they have enough power to coverup and walk away from their crimes and acts of evils to live another day and continue with their sick lifestyles.  I will get some links on this case in the near future.

This recent story I have came upon, refers to there being 25 known paedophiles within the Labour party (God knows, the number in the conservatives ffs!!).
THe video is done by a BNP activist.  I have no support for the BNP and their political stance in general, especially their immigration etc policy, but I wont let this deter me from believing and following this issue.  I truly believe that the campaigners behind the Labour25 movement have good intentions and want accountability and Justice to stand.

While I'm on this topic, I will pursue a few more issues around paedophilia in the next day or two.  From my research over the years, there is definitely a system within governments and nations that allow and further paedophile rings and their aims.

Have you noticed how children seem in general to have lost their innocence in their childhood.  Kids these days know more about sex etc than i did years after they did.  Most kids of six or other, will know and say the word sexy.  I for one, am against acts or programmes that will increase a childs knowledge and desire to learn more about sex.  TV and pop music is one avenue which is sickening at best.

In terms of labour they pushed for 6 year olds to start sex education.  Is this of the benefits to the abusers??

Some snippets;

As they cuddled, your dads penis moved gently inside your mums vagina and the sperms flowed out

Erection - When a boys or mans penis becomes hard and upright

Masturbation - When people get sexually excited by rubbing their own (or partners) genitals

Every parent or responsible adult has the right to educate and expand a childs mind, as long as their intentions are proper.  I for one, talk to my son and other children as adults in some occasions but I never forget to give the child the freedom and love to prosper and enjoy their childood as it was intended.  My childhood was full of great memories, I hope others have the luck and role models for them to have what is rightfully theirs.  Children first, adults second!!

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