Monday, 9 May 2011

Silver and Gold!!

OK, the prices are rising etc etc, so fucking what, the poor man in the street is dealing with coppers my son, get with the program.  Anyhow, now for a different angle.

Apart from the usual car issues, I have been having some vandalism problems with both of my cars.  Living beside a bar, this is probably expected, but it seems I've been targeted more than most.  One of the wingmirrors of the car was recently vandalised whilst at a friends house.  By coincidence,  I had been 'preaching' about putting the world at right.  Could this be the work of dark forces ;)  Of course not we say but anymore and I will get angrier and angrier.  Dont touch my car!!

The latest attack means I have to get another wingmirror on the opposite side.  If im in luck I may get the same wingmirror from the same scrapped car.  Why the boring story?  Well, I'm not into style etc but I do think its a cool idea I may have a gold car with silver wingmirrors!! Sad I am but only because it relates to one of my favourite songs from a hero of mine.

Joe Strummer is and was a living legend, one of the nicest and strongest men in recent years.  Heres his version of Silver and Gold

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