Monday, 9 May 2011

Power To The People, Fuck The system!!

Ok, no holding back from now on folks, if I'm in a pissed off mood and decide to put my beliefs to right/write, then I will freely choose to do so.

If others decide that I'm drifting away from normality then so be it, I'm disgusted to be part of society at present.  We aren't the people no more, we are the sheep and they are the masters.  It is up to us individually and collectively to put right what is wrong.  We wont be judged and remembered for what we havent said and done, it will be what we have done and said, it is up to us to be true to ourselves and the others in our lifes we love and respect.

The system and its cronies are out to get us.  They arent even doing it through action themselves (yet), they train and program the people to deny each other the truth, and punish and ostracise us for having a free mind.  To all folk, reading out there (the little of ye's), dont turn back, keep on moving and more importantly keep on believing that you will not be punished for the tyranny and evilness of others.  Yes, you may play your part within the system for now but if we all prepare ourselves in the right manner, proper change can happen.

Little by little, second by second.  More 'truth seekers' will become free, with this, the 'dark forces' will become more aggitated and provide more strategies and procedures to keep us down and finding the truth about all their nasty disgusting secrets.  These people arent humans, they suck the humanity out of society, they are leeches who suck on power, liberty and freedom.

In the words of the late and great JFK

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable...

As my seven year old son, recently made me realise by saying 'JFK was America!!' - America lost its soul the day they killed their own beloved son.  RIP

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