Tuesday, 10 May 2011


OK with the near fatal incident with the giant strawberry over, I hope!! I've decided to be a bit more optimistic as only I can.  I have decided to list some people and spoons (?) I classify as legends.

To make this easier and quicker, I'm going to simply copy a list I made previously, this was five years ago or more.  It will be interesting if I'm still 100% beside these.  I previously classified these as 'God-like people' but in my older and wiser state, lets classify these people as legends.  I'll add the captions that belonged to these as well

Sir Alan - Aha, makes me laugh at myself and others
 Alex Jones - Balls of steel or else an elaborate hoax

Bill Hicks - My Bible

Johnny Cash - The man in black, how I want to remember him, not this loved up holywood makeover crap
The Clash - I wanna riot, a riot of my own!

Eamonn Mc Cann - Brings fun and realism to politics

Falling Down - shows how the little man can still make a difference if he puts his mind to it

Jimi Hendrix - Prob the most awesome musician ever

Howard Marks - Now we've reached the hour of spliff politics

 Ian curtis - Dance, dance, dance to the radio ( or like a maniac)
Jack Charlton - Honourary Irishman

Jeremy - Simplistic in a genius type manner

Keegan - I'd luv it we wud beat em (still waiting for our day)

Ned Kely - Not bad for a steeky irishman

 Larsson - King of kings, never seen a more all-round technical player

Mandela - Brilliant revolutionist, who persisted for what he knew would be justice

Bob Marley - Chill Winston!!

Tony montana - U need people like me!! Yes we do indeed

Packie - My first football hero

John Peel - R.I.P., probably the reason I dont listen to radio nemore, irreplaceable

Richard Pryor - Funny ass mofo

No body tells me what to do, no not me!

The Quo - Makes air guitar hip

Ricky Gervais - Sarcastic c****
rob-da-bank - Even his jumper has heroe qualities

Johnny Rotten - General nuisance

Shearer - Dedication and loyalty at its greatest

Mr Spoon - Shows how far a good imagination can go

strummer - dehumanisation

Trevor & Simon - Swing your pants

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