Tuesday, 10 May 2011


What a stupid topic, shame it does actually affect 95% of the population!!
You imagine, no celebrity culture, the death of the red-tops!!! The nation would be in arms, or more than likely lying in a drink and drunk induced puddle of depressed vomit!!  Where else can they glorify their shitty little waste of an existence?? Apologies, if I offend, but people are sucked into this world were the lifes of talentleess nobodies are glorified. Even look at the bland music, Slow Patrol fronted by Gary Nobody ffs, where have all the rock n rollers gone!!

Really have been in and out of what I think on this topic.  Didnt think it meant much other than just glorifying the stupidity we have become.  IF we want to know the ins and out of our celebritys lifes, whats the harm.  Look at Jordan, she gets what she reaps, if she wants stupid peoples money let her have it, not that her personality will stay forever.  Cry me a river you stupid ignorant people.

Seen BBC programme with George Galloway, now this is a sharp cookie and in my book a very respectable and good cat, i mean man.  He is pursuing what most people cant afford and Risking his money in taking these cronies into court, the only place that any truth will come out of their sordid little lifes.  Galloway is rightly doing them for recording his mobile phone illegally, this guy remember is an elected MP. 

Dont get me wrong, when I found out about giggsy having an affair with ex Big-Brother (the irony) contestant, i did intially feel something, dont think it was as strong as sadness,but you get the jist.

(I just near choked on a strawberry, folks always be careful when eating at a funny angle and also remember that anyday could be your last, haha, i'm a depressing git, dont worry I'm coming out of it, sure I near died, haha)

Anyways, this whole thing is an epidemic, it affects near all of us to a degree.   I protest at my partner buying the shitty mags and encouraging this ridiculous industry, I also wont be buying redtops ever again, fuck them, the dirty creeps.

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