Monday, 21 March 2011

Americas Hope

THis character could become an inflluential voice within america very soon.

Louis Farrakhan, is a man steeped in history, this man from my limited knowledge was a big player in what seems to me the breakdown of the black movement.  I'm guessing he possibly even could of been an agent.

Theres was a bit of debacle around his support of barrack.  Even though he didnt recognise Farrakhan as an ally, the fact that Farrakhan spoke of him in glowing terms without ever endorsing, means that even the most disadvanagted non-voting black people would back barrack whilst conservative whites warmed to a president moving away from his past history and culture, if he had one!!

He also had a part to play in the Assination of Malcolm X

Heres the wiki link to this man

My guessing from the following clip is that he is slowly becoming more and more angry at where America has got itself into, he was even duped by the bullshit surrounding Obama.
He was against New Orleans and 9/11 and I think now hes been played about by his handlers too much,.
This one is an open case to me but i guess youll hear more of this character very soon

Whatever happens I think this is his true feelings, this guy is an immense talker.  After watching this, I went out to the Moon and give a black panther salute, sorry if this offends anyone (which it shouldnt), but I really do feel for the arabs, blacks and other non0white nations through the world.  History is repeating itself folks, the white greedy man has ate too much and never bothered looking after his garden and home, now his moving to a country near you

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