Monday, 21 March 2011

California Waiting (still???)

OK, mentioned before about the possibility of a earthquake in california area in the near future, alot of the sources I've read have pointed towards the period 20-25th March, due to the super-moon.

Hopefully, these predictions are wrong and nothing major happens.  I'll fire up some sources I've recently found

From a recent LA Times article

Scientists say such talk is hogwash. But the combination of quakes, a freaky big moon and the recent massive fish die-off in Redondo Beach has people such as Michael Jaworski stocking up on freeze-dried food and first-aid kits, just in case.
"Three things are lined up. Something's going to happen," said the 35-year-old Hollywood man, who was shopping Thursday with his girlfriend and neighbor. "The question is when."

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