Monday, 21 March 2011

Blogging Part IV

Ok, were to start.  So  much happening at the moemnt, it really is head spinning.  From one crisis to a next, from disaster to war, I honestly dont think this is going to stop.  Watching News 24 channels is really a past-time now, were America looking for the news to start, quick get the popcorn, the Wars on, looking like a good night in front of us, fuck no!! But folks, its happening, I wont discuss just yet but Libya is vital to a third world war starting.  I've always said from day one I got into this, the Russians and Chinese and other allies of theirs are preparing and ready to bring it on to Uncle Sam and the boys.

Been very busy in my own 'life' but have been keeping uptodate on all matters.  I'll try and fire links I've been reading wihout too much comments or guff you might like to call it by now. 

Really would like to discuss normal day-to-day issues such as socialising, relationships, personalities etc but at this stage I think its easy to see that theres too much shit out there at present to ignore.

In terms of blogging, although I cant access it all the time due to constarints, its still good to have research and articles found to be later used on here.  I have a system setup, were I record any relevant info I find.  Some links may be outdated or not as relevant at times I post them, no biggie.

In terms of general quality, I seriously think the grammar, structure and sense of writings on my part may get poorer (look at other posts for serious evidence) but this will I guess be balanced out by the realy fascinating and mindblowing info and actions that will be happening from now until the future, how long, what will happen, lets keep looking folks!!  I really cant afford at this stage of my life, to worry on peoples perceptions of how my mind works, it works as it is and thats it!!  My partner already got a song for me ' Mr Bloggy, M Bloggy etc etc

Hopefully have some good news on the work front very soon, touch wood, I seem to be impressing at interviews at the moment, so go on yeee boy yeeee!!

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