Monday, 21 March 2011

A True Irish Action-Man Hero

When I was around 14, in RE class we were instructed for homework to discuss a person in our lifes who brought us joy.
After most of the class had read theres, I start to panic at how ridiculous my own story may be perceived by others.  People were mentioning relatives, friends and neighbours.  I was discussing someone Ive never met.
As I read my story instead of being embarssed, I got worse, I started getting quite emotional and passionate about my subject matter.  The class and teacher were so impressed they even questioned if my parents wrote it for me.
That man was JACK CHARLTON!!  One of the lines from my writings said that although he was English, he was always an Irish man to me.  Everyone knows the Geordies are the Irish anyhow!!

This got me thinking of a man of great influence to me and who intially showed me that everyone has their own part to play in sorting out the mess we as a collective whole has made of this beautiful planet Earth.

I wont go into much of his workings tonight, I will of course do this in due time.  After stubbling across this guy at a music festival, a place of magic for me, life-changing to say the least for many reasons.  Anyhow, the elegance and fight this man brought to his experiences and views caught me by surprise.  Listening to him in a church like venue with pews was very fitting.  Although this time the guy at the front seemed to be pointing out the problems with society at that time not from before.  As said previously the Lebanon war, not 9/11, really give me a drive to find the truth and seek peace for all men, women and children.  It was great timing and along with other events and experiences at this festival, made me think that life is one fantastical and magical place while evil lurks in many dark and sinister places.

I'm going off in tangeants and thoughts, so I'll try not to get too carrried away.

The reason I mentioned JAck was because like Jack, Ciaron O'Reilly, when speaking sounds Aussie as this was were he grew up.  To me, though, this guy is as Irish as its green grass.  I really hope people like him really start making headways in their plans and actions.  The work he has done, to my limited knowledge, is dedication at its finest.  This man is an inspiration to all human beings, a person who puts their heart and brain in the right place. 

Ok, alot to catchup on, so I'll leave a recent video of Ciaron, hope you enjoy

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